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Where am I?

A dramaturgical website for the virtual production of Day Clothes at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama — Spring 2021.

What will I find?

- compiled research

- relevant media

- cultural connections

- alternative resources

- script drafts

& hopefully inspiration

Day Clothes is a play in development by director/playwright NaTasha Thompson.


NaTasha Thompson


Robb Lewis




Day Clothes is scheduled to be presented on this website from May 18th — May 21st. Watch anytime within these days.

Our team

NaTasha Thompson, Tristan André, Robb Lewis, Alexander Friedland, Julian Kelly, Kelsey Garrett, Xotchil Musser, Mirah Kozodoy, Sophie Nakai, Taylor Boston, Eliza Hallinan, Brooke Anderson, Carey Xu, Joss Green, Elinore Tolman, Bianca Sforza, Willem Hinternhoff, James Gallo

Our cast

Darius Fraser, Mikael Gemeda-Breka, Cheyenne Springette, Essence Stiggers, Ayana Williams

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